What is Conformity Assessment?

  • The conformity of a product is assessed before it is placed on the market.
  • It needs to demonstrate that all legislative requirements are met.
  • It includes testing, inspection and certification.
  • The procedure for each product is specified in the applicable product legislation.

Why is it Necessary?


Conformity assessment is complementary to market surveillance and helps ensure the smooth running of the internal market.  The process installs confidence in consumers and industry, and applies equally to manufacturers, importers and distributors.


How does it Work?


All products are subject to legislation and this defines assessment procedures for the manufacturer to follow.  Where applicable, the assessment process involves a Notified Body. 


What is a Notified Body?


A Notified Body is a Conformity Assessment Body authorised to perform defined conformity assessment activities within the scope of European Directives.   


Certificates, records and reports drawn up by Notified Bodies are recognised across the European Union by market surveillance authorities and the European Commission.


Cranage is a UK Notified Body for 2014/30/EU Electromagnetic Compatibility


We examine the technical design and documentation of apparatus in accordance with EU-type examination procedures specified in Annex III of the EMC Directive and verify and attest that the apparatus meets the essential requirements for EMC as required in Annex I.


Cranage provides our European clients with the following services:-


• CE Marking.

• Product Safety Certification.

• Technical File Evaluation.

• Standards Identification.

• Gap Analysis.

• Accredited Type testing.

• On-site Inspections.

• EU-Type Examination.

• Chartered Engineers Certificates (CEC).

• Authorised Representation.

• Conformity Assessment.


We have over 30 years of experience in the following electrical industries:-


• Scientific & Laboratory.

• Information Technology Equipment.

• Process Control.

• Industrial Plant & Machinery.

• Materials Handling.

• Food Processing.

• Training & Motion Simulators.



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